5 Tips For First Time Homebuyers

First Time Homebuyers

Even for individuals that have purchased a home before, there can be certain challenges that arise during the course of any search for houses in Fort Worth. When it comes to a first-time buyer, such concerns might seem overwhelming, yet working with the right real estate company can help those fears fade away.

Impression Homes knows that those buying a house for the first time can be uncertain of what to expect. That’s why the five tips below will help offer plenty of reassurance when looking for new homes in the DFW area.

Examine Your Finances

Determining what your monthly expenses are is important when figuring out how much you can bid on a home. There’s nothing worse than getting in over your head when it comes to a monthly mortgage payment, which is why having Impression Homes available to guide you through the process and show possible homes in your price range is so important.

Figuring out Your Down Payment

While not etched in stone, a general rule of thumb is that the down payment should be 20 percent of the purchase price. If that amount happens to be higher, that’s better for the buyer, because it will result in a lower monthly mortgage payment. Regardless of that final amount, assessing exactly how much money you have to spend for this necessity will help determine what type of house will fit your particular price range.

Have Paper Work Ready

Unless there are special circumstances, someone buying a house needs to have clear evidence that they can afford the mortgage for which they’re applying. Basic items like bank statements, tax returns from the past few years, recent pay stubs and the last few W-2 forms are part of this process, with the real estate company you work with being an important part of explaining all facets of what’s involved.

Determine Your Current Credit Status

Having a quality credit score is something that can pay off when it comes to the cost of the home loan. The reason is based on the simple premise that someone with a higher credit rating is considered more trustworthy by the lender. Even if bills are being paid regularly, the total credit amount with respect to the set limit can sometimes be an issue.

For a first-time home buyer, those lending institutions generally like to see applicants that have 70 percent or more of available credit at their disposal. If your credit is damaged, that doesn’t mean that your chances of purchasing a home are doomed, it just means that it would be better to delay any loan application until improvement has taken place.

Tax Credits

One of the most enticing parts for some first-time home buyers are the tax savings that can result. Included among these are the mortgage interest credit, which can help reduce your yearly tax bill, with the amount based on your purchase price.

You can also borrow against an IRA without being penalized for early withdrawal and can also deduct any property taxes paid during the course of a year. Such savings can then be used for mortgage payments in the months and years ahead.

Your Best Option

Impression Homes has a strong grasp of the local market and can help aid your search for new, custom houses in Dallas Fort Worth. The quality of the homes, the services provided and energy-efficient structures are what makes these houses stand out, so when it’s time to buying a house, go with the professionals in this important area.