About Us

About Impression Home Builder Fort Worth Arlington DallasImpression Homes was founded by industry professionals wanting to provide homebuyers with the ability to purchase a quality home that would last throughout the years. Impression Homes knows that your home provides the backdrop for many special moments in your life, it’s not just a structure it’s a place where memories are created. Built upon 30 years of experience your Impression Home is constructed with the utmost attention to detail, utilizing quality materials to ensure your investment lasts a lifetime.

Impression Homes is focused on providing our Homeowners with a home that is Energy Efficient and will save you money for years to come.

These are just a few of the features that Impression Homes provides in every home we build:

  • Radiant Barrier Roof Decking – Keeps your attic substantially cooler and helps maintain a more efficient and comfortable home
  • 15 SEER HVAC System – A higher SEER rating allows your system to work more efficiently and use less electricity
  • Vinyl Low-E Double Pane Windows – These windows reflect the Sun’s UV rays to keep the heat out and the cool in
  • Programmable Thermostat – Allows you to program the system so that you do not waste energy when you are not home without sacrificing comfort
  • Insulation Ratings from R13 to R30 – Helps keep your home more comfortable
  • Adjustable Thresholds and Insulated Exterior Doors – Stop under door drafts now and in the future
  • Wind Turbines – Allows hot air to escape your attic making your home more comfortable and efficient
  • Soffit Vents – Work in tandem with wind turbines to keep the air flowing in your attic to keep it cooler
  • Poly-Seal – Reduces drafts around baseboards and outlets for more comfort and better efficiency
  • R8 Insulated Air Ducts – Perform at or better than existing energy codes
  • Energy-Star Rated Appliances 

Impression Homes gives you peace of mind with an impressive warranty. Impression Homes wants you to be as happy in year ten as you were on day one.

  • First year covers any defects in workmanship or materials
  • Second year covers major mechanical systems like plumbing, electrical and HVAC
  • Ten year structural warranty provided by our third party partner StrucSure Home Warranty
  • 24/7 access to online Service Requests

Impression Homes understands that utilizing quality products ensures that your home will last a lifetime.

  • Timeless Design
  • Fine Craftsmanship
  • Name Brand Building Materials
  • Flexible Features
  • Energy Efficiency

You’ll appreciate our selection of excellent construction materials and trusted brand names on everything from plush carpeting to the most energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems.

Some of the name brands we incorporate into our newly constructed Impression Homes are listed below: