Congratulations on purchasing your new home! This is an exciting time, but there are some steps that will help make this process run a lot smoother. The next step, if you haven’t already, is to acquire a mortgage loan. Of course, you will want the best loan you can get – a lender you can trust, the best rate, etc. Well, we have some preferred lenders who can help you figure it all out!

It can be a big headache to gather all the information you need for your loan. You may go through all of your paperwork wondering, “Do they even need this?” Not to mention playing phone tag when you forgot that one piece of paper – holding up the process. You may get a call asking for more money down, or maybe you gathered all of your information just to be turned down at the last minute. When lenders are not familiar with your homebuilder, it can turn into a big mess!

Going with a preferred lender can eliminate many of those hassles and give you the peace of mind that nothing will be left out or forgotten. We have a great relationship with our preferred lenders, and they know how our process works, our policies, etc. This goes both ways, as we know they will take care of all the hard stuff for you, making your homebuying experience much more pleasant.

They will keep you in the loop and give you accurate, timely answers. They will know to tell you all the little details that many people may forget or just don’t know. Our sales staff are also very familiar with our preferred lenders, so they can be an effective “middle man” and oversee and stop any issues before they even happen. Our preferred lenders work to get you the most bang for your buck – looking for the best rate in your market and knowledge to know what the best route is for you. There are several different kinds of loans, and they will know which one works best for your specific situation and needs.

We have loan officers who visit our communities frequently, so they can be available to help you with your financing needs. From time-to-time, they will even offer additional incentives to help save you time and money!

Now let’s make your homebuying experience even better by speaking to you about our preferred lenders. They are the ticket to smooth sailing on your homebuying journey!

  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Several Programs to Choose From
  • Frequent Status Updates
  • Special Financing May Be Available