Notice of Data Breach

This notice is related to an incident involving access and exposure of information associated with Impression Homes, and you as a customer. Although we are unaware of any actual misuse of your information, we are providing notice to you and other potentially affected customers about the incident, and the tools you can use to protect yourself against possible identity theft or fraud.

What Happened?

On August 8, 2022, we became aware of an intrusion that occurred in July in our company database containing customer information. So far as we can determine, the intruder or intruders placed malware in an email, which when clicked, allowed the intruder to gain access to our customers’ data. The intruder then posted this information on the internet at a site, which has since been taken down. You probably received an email (from the attackers) suggesting Impression Homes was warned about this potential breach exposure but failed to respond. That assertion is false. To date, the investigation indicates that the intrusion began in July and ended on August 9, 2022. Law enforcement at the local, state, and federal levels has been notified.

What Information Was Involved?

The information that the attacker had access to includes the customer’s:

  1. Name(s)
  2. Home Address & Legal Description of the Property Purchased
  3. Purchase Price
  4. Phone Number
  5. Email
  6. Realtor Identity

No other data containing more significant or critical data was accessed.

What Are We Doing?

Our platform provider has worked with a leading cybersecurity expert to remove the malware from our systems and is actively monitoring our system to safeguard personal information. Also as mentioned, the website on which the data was posted has been shut down.

What You Can Do?

To protect yourself from the possibility of identity theft, we recommend you immediately contact your credit agency and monitor the same to assure your information has not been compromised. Review your credit and financial statements and report any suspicious activity to the relevant financial institutions.

For More Information

Impression Homes will continue to publish any updates received on this site. We appreciate your patience as we work along with the proper authorities to resolve this matter.