The Benefits of Living in a New Home Community

Buy a home in a DFW new housing communityRight now: The perfect time!

Moving into a new home is the ultimate fresh start for a new life. With the comeback of the housing market, new homes also are making a resurgence for potential buyers to consider. Interest rates are so low that now is the optimum time to buy. If you’re eager to make the move right now, we offer quick move-ins into new homes that are complete, or where construction is already under way.

Your style, built in.

When home builders plan a neighborhood, it can be exciting to buy in at the start to see your new home community take shape. You can consult with the builder on everything from fixtures to carpeting and choose from a variety of options. Looking through the carpet samples and color swatches, you can put your own personal stamp on your new home. All the customized features soon become a reflection of your own taste.

Help shape a community.

As people begin to move into the surrounding new homes, a sense of camaraderie can spring up as the neighborhood forms. Think about how much fun it could be to have neighborhood potlucks and card games with your neighbors. As the years go by, you can compare notes on maintenance and tips for repairs that can work interchangeably for the residences. Some neighborhoods are able to get references on home repair and maintenance contractors that can help save you time and money when it is time to make improvements.

Low effort, move-in ready homes.

A big advantage to buying a new home is that you know the property is move-in ready. Often with existing homes, you will find yourself spending additional money to update flooring or appliances, perhaps even remodel, to make the interior feel like your own space. You can customize a new home to your specifications on the front end so that move-in day can be enjoyed to the fullest. Your new home can be a residence you can appreciate from the start. We’ll build your new home in a desirable DFW community to your specifications.

Focus on energy efficiency

An energy efficient home is important to each of us when considering a new home purchase.  An energy efficient home reduces unnecessary energy consumption and as a result can save the homeowner money. Impression Homes prioritizes Energy Efficiency when designing our homes with making items such as radiant barrier decking, a high SEER rating HVAC unit, and Vinyl Low-E double pane windows standard in every home we construct. More than ever, home builders are redefining what it means to have an energy efficient home. 

If you are considering buying in today’s market, then tour one of our new home communities in your area. You may be surprised at the quality and affordability available from new homes that take advantage of the latest in materials and energy efficiency. Customizing your own home can be an easy and enjoyable process to offer you the most features for your money. Please feel free to contact us about your options for moving into one of our new home communities in the DFW area.

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